They filter select information into our brain, which then fuels how we THINK, LEARN, and BEHAVE.

Truly, our mindsets are at the FOUNDATION OF EVERYTHING we think about and do.

Thus, IF we can improve our mindsets, THEN we can improve everything about our LIVES, WORK, and LEADERSHIP.

But, we have a PROBLEM!

Most people are NOT AWARE of their mindsets and whether or not they have mindsets conducive for success. 

Whether you are an individual, a leader of a team, or an organizational influencer, I want to help you, your team, and your organization BECOME AWARE of your mindsets and help you DEVELOP SUCCESS MINDSETS!

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Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D. is a cutting-edge leadership consultant, trainer, coach, and researcher. He is a leadership mindset pioneer that helps organizations, leaders, and managers identify their current mindsets and then shapes their mindsets to fuel better decision making, problem solving, development, and performance. 

How Ryan can help

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Ryan has options to help you, your team, and your organization build and establish greater levels of success by improving the foundation of everything you do: Your MINDSETS

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Great seminar that truly helps change the perspective on leadership behavior. The simplicity of the material makes it easy to understand how improvement is possible for everyone.
— Volcom