Stand Out! Resume Course

The hard truth is, your resume is your ticket in the door to the job interviews you want. Even if you have all the experience, passion, and drive it takes to succeed at that job, you have to have the kind of resume that will set you apart from the rest.

That’s why I designed this course just for YOU.

It will help you go from:

  • “Hoping and praying” that some notices your application…to the confidence that your application has what it takes, to get that call back

  • Uncertainty about what exactly to put on a resume…to a simple system for creating custom resumes for the jobs you truly want

  • Handing the same generic resume you give everyone…to a knowing exactly how to craft the ideal resume for the specific job you want!

  • Jitters about that first interview…to a straightforward plan for what you’re going to say and how you’re going to show up in order to STAND OUT!

Additional Course Videos

How do leaders help create a brighter future for themselves and their organization? In this video, I discuss how leaders can guide themselves and their organizations from where they are now to a brighter future.
Leadership is not about position, it is about influence, it is about being someone others want to follow. This video dives into the foundational role that our mindsets play in becoming that someone that others want to follow, and identifies four mindsets that are essential for people and leaders to develop in order to be an effective leader.
Because the pace of change in organizations' internal and external environments is rapidly increasing, organizations are faced with a choice: slow death or deep change. But deep change is easier said than done, and most organizations actually overlook the foundational driver of deep change: their employees' mindsets.
In this short training, Ryan Gottfredson (leadership professor & consultant) helps organizational leaders understand that the key to driving inclusiveness in their organization is through a focus on their employees' mindsets.